Salt sulphur earths and stone plastering materials lime and cement(454) Ores slag and ash(11) Mineral fuels mineral oils and products of their distillation bituminous substances mineral waxes(2023)
Inorganic chemicals organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals of rareearth metals of radioactive elements or of isotopes(266) Organic chemicals(1132) Pharmaceutical products(1267)
Fertilisers(77) Tanning or dyeing extracts tannins and their derivatives dyes pigments and other colouring matter paints and varnishes putty and other mastics inks(384) Essential oils and resinoids perfumery cosmetic or toilet preparations(479)
Soap organic surfaceactive agents washing preparations lubricating preparations artificial waxes prepared waxes polishing or scouring preparations candles and similar articles modelling pastes dental (674) Albuminoidal substances modified starches glues enzymes(28) Explosives pyrotechnic products matches pyrophoric alloys certain combustible preparations(437)
Photographic or cinematographic goods(3) Miscellaneous chemical products(515) Plastics and articles thereof(363)
Rubber and articles thereof(612) Wood and articles of wood wood charcoal(852) Cork and articles of cork(0)
Manufactures of straw of esparto or of other plaiting materials basketware and wickerwork(166) Articles of stone plaster cement asbestos mica or similar materials(498) Ceramic products(24)
Glass and glassware(8) Natural or cultured pearls precious or semiprecious stones precious metals metals clad with precious metal and articles thereof imitation jewellery coin(198) Iron and steel(89)
Articles of iron or steel(1509) Copper and articles thereof(210) Nickel and articles thereof(0)
Aluminium and articles thereof(112) Lead and articles thereof(0) Zinc and articles thereof(0)
Tin and articles thereof(0) Other base metals cermets articles thereof(0) Tools implements cutlery spoons and forks of base metal parts thereof of base metal(492)
Miscellaneous articles of base metal(697)